Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Four different flavors

My music tastes of late have been entirely driven by YouTube. I don't know how folks keep up nowadays. I could turn on the radio I suppose, and I still dig KCRW when I think to turn on the tuner, but I'm not home often enough to consider it, I guess.

Anyway, here are three tracks I've been enjoying lately:

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Victory Lap

I've dug the tracks I've seen on Facebook, including Thrift Shop and Same Love. I dig this artist pretty well. Think I'm going to have to listen to more.

Kitty Pryde & Riff Raff - Orion's Belt

What's Tumblrcore? I'll admit I only watched Kitty Pryde's OK Cupid video because I had a crush on the X-Men Kitty Pryde character back when I was in Jr. High. There's just something about the vibe here that makes me want to curl up into a ball.

Underground Anthem - Dead Poetz

My buddy Otis Johnson directed this one and it reminded me immediately of the way we would go on and on about Dr. Octagon. The snake reminds me of the Jim Crow character from Grant Morrison's The Invisibles series, which I've recently re-read. It all fits into this weird little matrix that works in my head. Check out Otis's short film: The Silent Razor

MC Yogi - Hanuman

I've been listening to MC Yogi since I found his CD at Darren Rhoades yoga studio in Tucson a couple of years ago. His latest record Pilgrimage is one of the few CDs I can remember buying this year. Love it!