Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stuck in your head?

I've been watching the first three seasons of SOAP. Some people said that my recent postings on Facebook have gotten the theme song stuck in their heads. If you don't know what it sounds like, here it is!

This is the original theme.

Here's the shorter one after they introduced Chuck and Bob.

Here's the Batman theme song in case you need help getting the other one out of your head.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some things I played

I love traditional swing music, but I love to find and play stuff that I don't hear anywhere else. As a DJ I've generally always been eclectic. If I had to dance to anything all night, it would be real swing music, from a great live band. With the ability to choose CDs I prefer a set that goes all over the place.

People asked me about these two artists I played at Camp Hollywood:

Nellie McKay - I've been playing this tune for years. This is a newer recording than I have. Ms. McKay is kind of rebellious and I dig her song-writing skills.

Leftover Cuties - I tried out a couple of tunes from this band I saw at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday morning. I picked up their EP to play that night. I previewed the tunes in between classes that afternoon. Being discombobulated by Sunday night, I couldn't find the disc. I am occasionally lame.

The audio on the next video isn't great, but I still like the song. I really wanted to dance yesterday morning at the farmers market.

And lastly, this is Sweet's song from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical, Once More with Feeling.

edited to add:
Two bonus songs that I forgot to play!
I had downloaded this video from the Movits after seeing them on the Colbert Report last week:

And I also got Lucas very well played Lucas with the Lid Off:

Sushi, a how-to.

Thanks to Shawn Lesniak for turning me on to this video. It made me laugh harder than anything in a long time.