Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I spent last night kicking the common cold on its ass, by which I mean I slept in.

So Chicago, right? I forget whether I've mentioned it but I moved to Chicago in July. It has been a pretty big adjustment. I spent the first several months trying to build an infrastructure to my life. Work in progress.

In just over a week I'll be starting the music conservatory at Second City and level 5b at iO. So there's beauty in store. I'll be helping with the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival in March so my nerd quota will be filled.

I don't get to teach dance anywhere formally at the moment. That's a sadness, but it's also a goal for me. There's a lot for me to share with this city. There's a whole lot of potential here.


I knew by New Year's Eve last year that I'd have to leave Los Angeles. I had a family member who needed me in Kansas City so I handled my affairs in Los Angeles as much as I was able and I set out to return to the Midwest.

Here are some of the things I was involved with that kept me sane:

Planet Comicon: That whole process of building the foundation for Kansas City Stomp. That was a cool time. This video was from our morning show appearance on Kansas City's Fox 4 News.

The Kansas City Improv Company named me the King of Improv for a night:
Kick Comedy 062913 part 3 from Tom Ptacek on Vimeo.

When I wasn't needed anymore in Kansas City, Chicago seemed like a place worth exploring.

And yeah, let's see what we can bring to the year ahead!

Seeds: planted.