Monday, August 19, 2013


In case anyone is wondering, I've moved to Chicago. Still adjusting to this city's rhythms, but I think good things are ahead.

I was looking through YouTube the other day and discovered the Broadway deconstructions of Seth Rudetsky. It started with this video his analysis of one of my favorite recordings - At the Ballet from A Chorus Line.

And as I'm really interested in musical work (mostly in the world of improvisation) this gives me a chunk of stuff to consider. Anyway, he has dozens of those, and even more deconstructions of performers throughout the decades. This guy is clearly obsessed.

Then there's this:

I'm not even halfway through this five part series of bootlegs, but it's got me thinking of how to step up the game in musical improv, but it's also entertaining as hell.

And let's thank the Kansas City Improv Company for giving me a place to play. While I was there I performed a bit and taught four workshops on musical improv. Here's a video from the King of Improv show. I'll think of it as my going-away present:

Kick Comedy 062913 part 3 from Tom Ptacek on Vimeo.