Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I missed in college.

The wicked art of the immortal Wally Wood.

Please check out my new blip account. I'm picking at least a couple of new songs daily and would love to have new listeners. If you dig Pandora, this isn't too different. The difference is that Pandora keeps rotating the same songs through and this system tends to bring up a lot of cool new stuff. So sign up for Blip and start listening. I'll listen to you too.

I love this article that I stole from Susie Bright's Facebook feed: What I learned at my first orgy. Personally I've never attended nor participated in an orgy. I just love the final conclusion at which Greta Christina arrives.

added later:
I've been thinking about the concept of polyamory lately. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's the idea of having established more than one relationship or planned non-monogamous relationships. This idea sounds really complicated to me. I would say that if I could handle a relationship, it would probably be with one woman.

However, I know more and more people who are living in polyamorous relationships. When I hear about this, my first reaction is to filter it through my own beliefs in my own ability to deal with jealousy, to imagine multiple viewpoints, to remember the times I've been burned. Is it possible to maintain such a relationship? All the evidence I've read suggests that it's more difficult than a one-on-one relationship. It might be possible, but it would take a stronger person, a group of people who are each individually stronger than me.

I think that's why the article is so refreshing for me.

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