Monday, August 3, 2009

Some things I played

I love traditional swing music, but I love to find and play stuff that I don't hear anywhere else. As a DJ I've generally always been eclectic. If I had to dance to anything all night, it would be real swing music, from a great live band. With the ability to choose CDs I prefer a set that goes all over the place.

People asked me about these two artists I played at Camp Hollywood:

Nellie McKay - I've been playing this tune for years. This is a newer recording than I have. Ms. McKay is kind of rebellious and I dig her song-writing skills.

Leftover Cuties - I tried out a couple of tunes from this band I saw at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday morning. I picked up their EP to play that night. I previewed the tunes in between classes that afternoon. Being discombobulated by Sunday night, I couldn't find the disc. I am occasionally lame.

The audio on the next video isn't great, but I still like the song. I really wanted to dance yesterday morning at the farmers market.

And lastly, this is Sweet's song from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical, Once More with Feeling.

edited to add:
Two bonus songs that I forgot to play!
I had downloaded this video from the Movits after seeing them on the Colbert Report last week:

And I also got Lucas very well played Lucas with the Lid Off:

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