Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Sort of Comics Oral History

I don't imagine anyone reading this blog was following my old blog on Myspace. I wrote an entry there about the very cool book Eisner/Miller , which was essentially a two-hundred page conversation between the late Will Eisner and Frank Miller, two of the most influential creators in comics.

Two very cool articles were recently posted on Twitter over the last few days and I thought they'd be worth re-posting here.

The first is a modern-day interview with Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics and also the creator of one of my favorite comics of all time, Zot!: Talking Comics with Scott McCloud.

The second is a Rolling Stone article circa 1971 which interviews the queen of the Marvel Bullpen, Flo Steinberg: Face Front! Clap Your Hands! You're on the Winning Team!

In general, I think it's cool that there's so much oral history regarding the comics medium.

Completely unrelated to the articles is a YouTube video about improvisation. Haha.

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