Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Music Improv

I'm in the musical improv conservatory at Second City in Chicago now and loving it. You can watch our level one show that we did. I think it costs two bucks to watch but here it is: An Accidental Cow. I think the show starts around three minutes into the recording.

We got the title from our teacher Mike Girts, who mentioned another teacher talking about every improv song having an accidental cow. That is every time someone needs to rhyme with the word "Now" when they don't have a plan, they usually have to use COW.

Here's a compilation of podcasts about musical improv comedy:
Zenprov: Music
Nancy Howland-Walker and Marshall Stern explore musical improvisation from the point of view of Zen. Nancy is the author of Instant Songwriting and the founder of Musical: The Musical

ADD Comedy: Shulie Cowan
Dave Razowsky chats with Shulie Cowan, director of the long-running Los Angeles show Opening Night: The Improvised Musical.

Improv Nerd: Mike Descoteaux
Jimmy Carrane interviews Mike Descoteaux, Artistic Director of Improv Boston and former head of the music program at Second City in Chicago.

Improv Nerd: Baby Wants Candy
Baby Wants Candy is a perennial musical improv show in Chicago. Jimmy Carrane sits with them to discuss their process.

Musical Improv Comedy
Heather Urquhart and Joe Samuel of UK improv group the Maydays created a series dedicated entirely to musical improv comedy.

The list of resources is always expanding.

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