Friday, January 30, 2009

Spears me baby, one more time!

It's not like Britney Spears is known for being a great songwriter or anything, but I love these two covers of her oeuvre:

I heard this cover by Travis on KCRW years ago. You might have heard it since then. I'll be volunteering during the KCRW pledge drive next week, so if you want to support all the cool stuff that they do, consider giving them a call!

I think this cover was covered for use in the Lindsay Lohan remake of Freaky Friday, so double coverage there.

Pandora turned me on to Yael Naim, probably from my Feist channel. Birthweek circumstances gave me the opportunity to buy some new music so I picked up her record and have really dug it so far.

In case anyone is curious about the treats I had out for my birthweek celebration at LindyGroove last night, I bought three flavors of ice cream and sorbet (Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs, Cardamom and Lemon Basil) from Carmela Ice Cream at the South Pasadena Farmers' Market to go along with a Croix de Lorraine cake that I also purchased there. They were thoroughly eaten, including the Lemon Basil sorbet which had melted.

The birthday dance was a mob and was over before everyone who wanted in could get in. So I guess if anyone is at Memories tonight they can catch up with me there. I'm planning to see The Class in a little bit and eat at Lucky Devils afterward.

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