Friday, January 23, 2009

Universo Week of me!

My usual birthweek celebration starts soon (um, I don't know... tomorrow? Schedule below!) And I almost never get presents, at least not historically. I guess people usually don't have an idea of what to give me. Which is why I think it's cool that Amazon now has a Universal Wish List, that lets a user add items from any site they want. This lets me get as obscure as I would like to be. I have included at least a few items that people CAN'T buy, because why break with tradition?

(Oh and the complete series of the Wire is currently available at $134.99, which is 50 bucks more expensive than the price I got it yesterday and still a hundred bucks lower than retail. Go get one!)

Just to give you an idea of my lack of present-accumulating prowess, last December, I got three presents that weren't cash. One was the new Nerdcore calendar (thanks Mike!) and the other was two pairs of boxer shorts - one featuring Stewie from The Family Guy (and boy do I hate that show) and the other emblazoned with a skull and the logo from Miami Ink; since the only person I know who might be interested in that also is a producer on the show, extra-awkward. Anyway, it's nice to have new boxers. At least they're comfortable. But Mike made it clear why people had trouble knowing what to get me: can't get me games because I probably already have them and what else does anyone know about me? Mike does understand that I like nudity and nerdiness, so his present is probably the most me-appropriate item I can remember receiving. The other item in that me-appropriate list was a hand-made clock featuring the cover of the first issue of Zot!, and I took that so dearly that I nearly ruined my life over it. Long story and not for reading.

I really didn't mean for this post to be a plug for Amazon; I think it's interesting to see the items that people crave. That's what I'm after here. I really don't expect someone to go buy me the Vivid-Ed titles or Sex Scenes (how awkward would that be? Maybe awesomely awkward!) but I really appreciate the thought that someone might try to learn me from a consumer perspective. It's also a list for myself of things that I should remember to buy.

Anyway, back to the original reason I was posting. Here's my schedule for the week:
Tomorrow: dinner in Little Ethiopia with a cast of dozens.

Sunday: Farmer's Market breakfast, Pitchcar tournament at Game Empire, open gaming and dancing at the final night at The Derby (I'll be verklempt) featuring Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five.

: Disneyland (free admission, baby!) and The Floor, and probably dinner at Lucky Devils next door! The Floor is probably the coolest dance place I have visited and Lucky Devils has the best veggie burgers (made in store, not packaged) that I have had.

: Paladino's

: Open gaming at Game Empire

: Lindy Groove (I'd like to invite 5 non-experienced folks by Tuesday. Let me know if you want in)

: Stompy Jones at Memories!
Here's a video from The Floor:

I'm gonna plug the hell out of this place, because I want everyone to be there!


The Hobo said...

So we did a secret santa with some friends, and I got someone I don't know that well...but I did research on his livejournal and myspace pages and found some books he ended up really enjoying. Gift giving is about research...I would have guessed several items on your list, and others I'd be too shy to buy :-P I'll come up with something cool (but sadly cheap :-P).

Fad23 said...

Cost is never an issue. If someone makes me something from stuff they found (as long as it isn't stinky garbage) that appears to have me in mind, then I'll appreciate it, and possibly too much.

Now that I understand that I'm searchable, I'll probably be a little less likely to get carried away.