Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I wore on New Year's Eve

In trying to figure out how to post pictures on blogger, I'm dedicating a post to the guys who made the jacket that I wore on New Year's Eve.

It's from these guys called 7 Lightning Bolt. I picked it up at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, where I get my weekly vegan soul food and raw cane juice breakfast every Sunday. It was during one of these breakfasts when I looked up from the gutter and saw this hanging at the back of their booth. At the time I bought it, it was one of a kind, but they assured me that they'd be making more. If you know me, don't buy it. I'd hate to have an embarrassing fashion faux-pas. Otherwise, they have a lot of incredible, hand-stitched designs.

I want to buy another jacket from them at some point. It'll have to wait until the budget opens up again. Maybe before my birthday.

Tangentially, have I mentioned how much I love the Amazon Universal Wish List? You can add items from any site. Almost no one knows how to buy presents for me, so this invention really brightens my afternoons.

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